This quote makes me sigh in a good way

if you travel far enough,

one day you will recognize yourself

coming down the road to meet you.

and you will say


by Jill Mellick in Coming Home to Myself: Reflections for Nurturing a Woman’s Body & Soul


Running away?

I saw this on Martha Beck’s blog just now:

If you want to find your passion, know your life’s purpose, meet your soulmate, or feel intensely alive, don’t look toward the fun things that fit logically into the flow of an easy life. Ask yourself, “What am I running away from?” Whatever that thing is, turn around. Walk toward it. Face it and conquer it, or die trying.

Hmmm!  I’m going to have to think about this for awhile.  I’ve been busy “looking toward the fun things” that should fit into an easy life…I guess I need to think about what I’m trying to escape from instead?


All week i have been tired and unmotivated. I woke today to a gorgeous, sunny spring day but just wanted to stay in bed. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t go back to sleep so I tried to think of what I could do to make myself feel more “like me”. I decided that now was as good a time as any to start getting rid of all the stuff we have that just isn’t “me” anymore.

And it was marvelous. Here it is six hours later and my mood has brightened tremendously. I have energy again!

I’m not the only one doing this.  I just saw this on Crazy to be Me’s  blog.

I’m excited about the Mondo Beyondo course starting in May so every once in awhile I google “Mondo Beyondo”.  As a result, Ii am running across blogs of many bright and eloquent women. Women who have the courage to say their dreams out loud and go after them.  Crazy to be Me blog is one of those blogs.

She mentions creating a “clearing” for your dreams — something she learned in Mondo Beyondo. I probably don’t grasp the concept fully but it does speak to me. I have felt the need to “clear” my past, my layers of protection, my fears about revealing my dreams and pursuing them for some time now…honestly, for lots of years.

So I think all my subconscious thoughts about that clearing finally made it to the surface and allowed me to start the clearing today. I started with the easier way to clear — all the material things that take up space but no longer serve a purpose.

I love this photo of our back yard. All the green and the two lone adirondack chairs just speak “simple” to me.

janet bolton


When I discovered Janet Bolton’s work about 5 years ago I felt like I’d found my art. I love her work because it is totally original. Her simple lines and stitches reflect a style i just adore.  I think I have all of her books and I frequently google to find blog posts from people who have attended her classes.  I can’t even imagine how much fun it would be to learn from her at a workshop!

What is waiting to be born

I just discovered my new favorite blog.  I’ve just started browsing blogs again and I’ve found that I keep ending up at the same ones with the same themes.  Reading them is kind of like talking to your same 2 best friends about the same subjects over and over again for months. Its difficult to get new fresh ideas.

But then I discovered Lianne Raymond’s blog.  I will be a regular visitor there for sure.   I just downloaded and can’t wait to read a booklet called “What is Waiting to be Born?”. It’s available for download here.

How to find what you love

I’m doing the Mondo Beyondo ecourse in May and can’t wait. Until then, I’m revising the whole concept of what it is that I love to do. I strongly recommend taking the time to do it for yourself.  A couple of nights ago i stumbled upon chookooloonks blog and was entralled by karen’s entire blog but especially these three posts:

1.  How I found what I love
2. Journaling Methodology  and
3. Doing what you love, goals and journaling

I feel like such a geek/groupie — but her blog and those three posts really inspired me to take a look at what i really want to be when I grow up.  This is embarrassing for a professional marketing exec to admit but…I even got on amazon and ordered some of the same tools she uses. I hope I never meet her because she’ll probably be scared of me — but I’m really not as much of a wack job as I sound.

So, this weekend I am going to work on my list of what I love.

The craft alliance rocks

Got an email today from the craft alliance and it made me homesick for St. Louis. I lived there for about ten years and loved to browse at Craft Alliance. If i were independently wealthy I would start a small version of Craft Alliance where we live now.

Doesn’t this look totally fun? It was taken at something they call Friday Fun Nights. If anyone from St. Louis is reading this check out the link above and have an artsy-feast of browsing.

Jumping in

It is kind of intimidating to write your first post.  My old blog was pretty much an on-line scrapbook/journal for my folks and in-laws about our son when he was littler.   By the time he entered kindergarten I started feeling guilty about sharing his quirks and stories so publicly.

Now that i’m getting close to  fifty (gah that’s hard to believe) I am all about re.dis.covering myself as I pursue my art.  Plus,  I thrive on change.  So, I am always up for some rediscovering/reinventing.  The problem is, I’m also a dreamer so its much easier for me to dream about changes than to actually do them…especially big changes.

This blog is my way to connect with women of all ages who are also rediscovering or reinventing their lives. Hopefully I’ll be able to provide some advice and encouragement along the way as I seek to make time for myself and figure out how to step into the art world. I’m sure we can get some great ideas from each other.

So please leave comments. My hope is that we’ll create an on-line tribe of discoverers/re.inventors!   Our discoveries and our paths will be different but we can support one another as we go.