Jumping in

It is kind of intimidating to write your first post.  My old blog was pretty much an on-line scrapbook/journal for my folks and in-laws about our son when he was littler.   By the time he entered kindergarten I started feeling guilty about sharing his quirks and stories so publicly.

Now that i’m getting close to  fifty (gah that’s hard to believe) I am all about re.dis.covering myself as I pursue my art.  Plus,  I thrive on change.  So, I am always up for some rediscovering/reinventing.  The problem is, I’m also a dreamer so its much easier for me to dream about changes than to actually do them…especially big changes.

This blog is my way to connect with women of all ages who are also rediscovering or reinventing their lives. Hopefully I’ll be able to provide some advice and encouragement along the way as I seek to make time for myself and figure out how to step into the art world. I’m sure we can get some great ideas from each other.

So please leave comments. My hope is that we’ll create an on-line tribe of discoverers/re.inventors!   Our discoveries and our paths will be different but we can support one another as we go.