Wish lists

Today is day one of my Mondo Beyondo e-course. Today’s lesson was the third reminder in three days of what i call “magic lists”. These are lists of dreams/desires you want to manifest in your life. The catch, for me anyway, is that the list must include only things I really desire — things that will feed MY spirit (not my husband’s spirit, my boss’s spirit, my mom’s spirit, you get the picture). And, not the things the media always tells us we want — bigger house, muscles, size 4, bigger salary, etc.


I did a list like this almost exactly 12 years ago full of characteristics I wanted in my future husband. Within the year, I met my future husband — totally by chance.  We both knew very quickly we were each others soul mate and married the following year. When I showed him my list, he freaked out because it so closely described him.  And now, 12 years later and through all the ups and downs of marriage — I know for certain he was and is the one for me.

This article from an Oprah magazine describes the process well. The only element I added was some prayer.

So now, I realize, I need to be making these magical lists for other areas of my life and see what the universe (aka God) brings me.