the complexity of you

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Jen Lemen wrote this in one of her deep and sweet blog posts:

“we are all so multi-faceted, so multi-dimensional that it’s nearly impossible for anyone to know us truly as we are. which is why it is imperative that we continue to love one another, that we commit to deeply listening and leaning in to each moment, because none of us know what unseen and vital part will now be revealed”

The collage above is an image board that reflected me really well about 3 years ago.  Now? t isn’t me so much. Have you noticed how you change over the years, weeks, even days? I do.  Is it really change? I think its just your complexity surfacing. There are so many dimensions and parts in us. They surface at different points in our lives. It is what makes you interesting and special and lovable and you.

The really good bloggers and artists say your blog and art should reflect “you” in a consistent way. That makes total sense to me. I also know, from my day job, how important consistent branding is from a business perspective.  So, i’m actually enjoying the challenge of conveying the genuine but complex “me” in a simple and easy to recognize brand.  It takes the idea of “creation” to a really fun and personal level.


i love selvedge

Isn’t this fabulous? I bought the May/June 2010 issue of selvedge on my way home tonight. It is chock full of inspiration as usual.  This illustration is by naomi avsec. What a talent!

wild and free

My answers to stephey’s questions:
to me, being wild and free is being genuinely YOU in all areas of your life: career, home, spirituality, diet, art, love, the words you use.  Free to use all the love, good and power — your gifts — without inhibition.

My dream? To live wild and free!

Why does it take courage to do what should be so natural and right?

What are examples of how you are living wild and free?