I have had the urge to go on a silent retreat for quite some time now.  I went on one about 10 years ago for a just weekend and I still remember the insights I got and the peace I felt at the end.

So back in April I did it. I went on a fabulous four day silent contemplative retreat. It was here:


I had been longing for this time away by myself and it was everything I’d hoped it would be.  A time of rest, peace, tranquility, insightful contemplation, and spiritual renewal.  I want to do this annually. I came back feeling renewed and now several months later the feeling is still with me.  Blissful sigh.



What is waiting to be born

I just discovered my new favorite blog.  I’ve just started browsing blogs again and I’ve found that I keep ending up at the same ones with the same themes.  Reading them is kind of like talking to your same 2 best friends about the same subjects over and over again for months. Its difficult to get new fresh ideas.

But then I discovered Lianne Raymond’s blog.  I will be a regular visitor there for sure.   I just downloaded and can’t wait to read a booklet called “What is Waiting to be Born?”. It’s available for download here.