what I love to do

  1. explore antique stores
  2. write
  3. visit design blogs
  4. be with my husband and son
  5. write out my prayers by hand
  6. my day job
  7. explore artsy design stores (artsy as in not traditional)
  8. watch tv
  9. take long drives alone when I can listen to podcasts and think
  10. public speaking
  11. read
  12. make original art (i am really bad at following patterns or copying others’ art)
  13. visit juried art fairs
  14. talk to our son
  15. spend time alone
  16. explore at athropologie
  17. talk to people who love life
  18. listen to or read about people who have followed their dreams
  19. be quiet
  20. browse architectural magazines
  21. make textile collages
  22. go to meetings
  23. be organized
  24. de-clutter — love love love to declutter
  25. go to estate sales